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What a Smile can Do

 WHAT A SMILE CAN DO A simple answer to this is "A smile can do a miracle." In today's world every person is busy in his own world. But in this busy life they forget to live their life as they should live it. People run after money, fame, career, etc. These are essential for life but not entire life. People don't get enough time to spend with their dear ones, friends, relatives, though they wanted to do it. This may bring some unwanted breach in the relationship. To make a balance between time and relationship people need something so they can express their cares towards each other in short time. And this can do only smile. A good Smile is something whose essence and flavor can speak many positive words without even talking. A smile is a priceless gift can be given to anyone of any age. A smile is something which can make someone's day. A smile is something what can buy much happiness. Smile is a treasure given to every individual by the almighty. We know the more
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Taste Of Success

Taste of Success Have you ever played a game called Candy Crush?! If yes, then you may have familiar with the rules of the game. How stages became tougher one by one. But even if a difficult stage comes, you don't bother a lot, because you focus and work hard to achieve the desired target, that a particular stage asking for. The readers who are not aware of the game let me give me you a simple understanding of this game. It is a device game which runs in Android, IOS, Windows. The game is all about matching candies to get the points. Once you successfully achieve the target you will be redirected to the next stage/level with a bit tougher target and new rules as well. Many research states this is one of the most played games around the Globe. Even some of my friends were addicted to this game. From the above two paragraphs, you must be understood that stages become tougher to complete but not impossible. People achieve the target with time and practice. The new stages get upda


HOW MIND WORKS I was on leave from work. It is CORONA time. So after coming from the different state I quarantined myself for 14 days as per the Government rule. I choose to be quarantine in my village which is 30 km away from my town. After the quarantine period, we (My family) decided to spend another 2 weeks in the village. In those two weeks, I learned many things from different ages of people. So I thought to share one incident with you all which may help you to give some positivity in your life. Before I start the incident, let me picture out my village to readers. It is situated 3 km away from the main Town. East, West and South covered with greens (Tree, hill) and the Northside Lime Stone mines are situated. The view is amazing from every side. All the necessary facilities are there in the village. Most people in the village are depended on Agriculture. One TOLI (Colony) has approx 6-7 houses. This is the month of August, the rainy season. This month is one the busiest


BE SUPPORTIVE AND BE HELPFUL One day when I was talking to my mom over the call, she introduced me with a story which she witnessed a couple of days back in our home. "Before I start the story I am giving you the view of my home. It is an old flat build in the '90s. It is a three-floor tower including the ground floor. We are staying on the top floor (2nd floor). The main door is facing towards north. The living area has one window which is towards the west.  There is some space between two buildings which utilised by people for gardening. These gardens are used basically for vegetables and flowers. So from our living room window, a garden is visible completely. In that garden, there are many plants, trees and veggies etc. One of those trees is Drumstick tree. On top of that tree, a sparrow's nest is present. There is some baby sparrow on that nest. Every day morning the mother sparrow go out in search of food for the baby sparrows. There are many other trees a


GENERATION GAP . During my evening jogging I noticed a couple of scenarios which gave me idea to write something on this topic, "Generation Gap.” Scenario 1 A young couple was jogging. Both used headphones in their one ear and talking with each other. They defined a speed as per both of their capacity, and both were following the same. Scenario 2 A couple with an 8-10 months baby. Husband pull the baby cart for some time then wife pull for some time. Meanwhile, they kept talking with each other but more focus was on their baby. They kept talking with their baby to which baby was reacted with smile, laugh. They keep introducing some natural things with that bundle of joy. Scenario 3 Another couple with a 3 years baby girl. Here their conversation was a bit different. That was kind of less conversation more question and answer. Whatever she found something new and exciting she was immediately asking her parents about that. The couple also kept answering her the w

Time is much Valuable than Money

Time is much Valuable than Money You must have heard many successful person's name. Some of you may have read much legend's biography. What are the common things you found in between them? 1. All are human. 2. Everyone started from zero and with risk. 3. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. And many more... I just took some highly common points. Can you name one of the successful people? {I am not mentioning any name you just it think by yourself} I think you already have a name. Do you know only about his/her success or his/her failure as well? You know about his/her struggle or you just know about his/her achievements only? Think. You may be wondering why I am writing all these. How these are related to the topic "Time is much valuable than money." In our life many of us just believe in result. We see the achievements, power, success, etc., etc. And try to be successful like them. And we start trying to be like them. When we face any

Be Patient

Be Patient How could you know whether you have good patience or not? Have you ever examined yourself regarding the same? Patience definition "Your reaction to a situation defines whether you are patent or impatient." Just take an example. You are at a bus stop waiting for your bus for 30 min. But not a single bus is coming. What would be your reaction to this situation? (1) You may be calm and search for an alternate        Or (2) You may get hyper. Your heartbeat goes up. You start sweating and start shouting. If you choose the first option then you can save your time and anger, as well as you will manage to reach your work with a cool mind. If you choose the second option then it will impact both your health and mind at that particular time and will remain throughout the entire day even after you reach your work. It was not your fault but punished yourself. Patience is required in every generation. And this is something which no one can t